If you have envisioned a wedding that transports you to the enchanting realms of a fairy tale, then Antilia By Zion stands as the perfect venue to bring your dream to life. Our distinctive thematic approach, coupled with our unwavering commitment to exceptional service, guarantees that your wedding day will be as magical as the love and commitment you share with your partner.

At Antilia By Zion, our skilled and creative decorators work tirelessly to weave an ambiance that is nothing short of breathtaking. Their attention to detail and artistic finesse transform our venue into a realm of wonder, making your wedding day a truly mesmerizing experience.

But the enchantment doesn’t stop there. Our talented culinary team is dedicated to crafting a delectable feast that tantalizes the senses. From appetizing starters to sumptuous main courses and exquisite desserts, your wedding menu will be an exquisite journey for both you and your guests.

Antilia By Zion is not just a venue; it is a canvas where your love story unfolds in the most magical and memorable way possible. Your wedding day with us will be a cherished memory etched into the tapestry of your life, forever reminding you of the love and joy you shared on this extraordinary occasion.